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Julie Loomis has been working with clients to identify and gain clarity around what their truths are – desires, values, dreams, goals, priorities, direction – and to recognize and release what doesn't serve these truths since 2008. She helps clients struggling with chaos and clutter in their homes by empowering them to downsize the excess, helping shift their mindset related to physical things and creating easy-to-use systems.

Aside from organizing all of her life, Julie has spent years studying and learning from thought leaders and experts like Brendon Bruchard, Tom Bilyeu, Gabby Bernstein, Nick Ortner, Wayne Dyer, and Tony Robbins. She is a certified Jack Canfield Success Principles trainer, has graduated from the National Speakers Association speakers program, as well as the Coach U coaching program, and has trained in the work of Joe Dispenza. Julie has also recently completed the EFT/Tapping levels 1 & 2 trainings and is currently working on the certification requirements.


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